How To Be Bully Proof

How to Be Free of Bullies

Bullying by an authority or organisation against an individual


How far would you go in terms of obedience to an authority figure?

There are pernicious types of bullying that are harder to spot, particularly when they are marked by officialdom.

How would you know if a government department, a council, a private company or an individual working for an organisation that you have to interact with is bullying you?

The answer to this is the same as any other form of bullying: They are doing it for their own selfish reasons and are not acting considerately or fairly by sticking within reasonable bounds.

The above idea would not make it easier to spot bullying coming from official quarters, as even when this type of behaviour is exposed, we still don’t expect it. How do they get away with it? Surely there are people, like school inspectors keeping tabs on education establishments, to monitor the actions of people within these organisations who have a duty of care towards the public?

One comment on “Bullying by an authority or organisation against an individual

  1. Socmeddigsol
    February 22, 2014

    Information which can help combatting bullying is always welcome. This will be a timely book.

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